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Association of Cyber-Sociologists

The Association of Cyber-Sociologists was founded in 1999 by three students' organisations from Basel, Bern and Zurich. The association's goal is to promote the exchange among sociology students in Switzerland and to create a network of sociology students that goes beyond the limits of the different universities. Today the association already has over 100 members and unites four students' organisations (Basel, Bern, Geneva and Zurich). » [Statuten (German)] » [Statuts (French)]

The Project 'sociology.ch'

So far, the Association has created an Internet platform that contains the web sites of several students' organisations and offers a number of services.

Plans for the Future

Now that our project has successfully been launched it is time to set new goals. Starting from what we have now, we would like to concentrate on three main goals:

Developing a Virtual Meeting Point for Sociologists in Switzerland and Throughout the World

While we are further developing the existing services (mailing lists, web pages) we would like to complete our offer by creating online discussion boards.

Setting up a Platform for Sociology in Switzerland

We already make it possible for sociology students to publish their papers on the Web and to read what others have written, thus facilitating the exchange among students from different universities. Furthermore, we are planning to issue a students magazine in the field of sociology. Of course, we will continue to encourage Real-Life Events in addition to our offer on the Web.

Creating a Reference Site for Sociological Issues

In a first step, we would like to establish sociology.ch as a reference site for sociological issues in Switzerland. First of all, this means that we will have to further integrate sociology students from the French speaking part of Switzerland. At the same time we will try to develop partnerships with different Swiss organisations that are well-known in the field of sociology. It is our intention to create a news service which allows our users to keep themselves informed about events, new books, and other things related to sociolgy. Furthermore, we are planning to enlargen our link directory, that will guide people through the mass of data which the Web offers to the sociologically inclined.

You Are Welcome to Participate!

This website is not meant for one-way communication. We would like as many students as possible to get involved with our project. The different contactpersons can help you if you would like to publish your own paper or to launch your own project. We are doing everything to make the access to the web as easy as possible, allowing people without prior knowledge to participate in the online community.

Become a Member!

Any person interested in sociology can become a member of our association. For the time being, membership is free for regular members. Use the online form to submit your » subscription.

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